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Benefits of Using the Forex Market

  • Taking advantage of Forex volatility

  • Profit from high liquidity

  • Trading 24 hours a day

  • Get more out of your capital thanks to leverage

  • Flexibility

  • Choose from a wide variety of currency pairs

Choose Your Plan

New Generation Forex Trading

How to trade Forex?

  • 1. Select a currency pair

    Choosing a currency pair to trade requires an individual approach, which depends on your personal preferences. Beginners are advised to start with major pairs. Depending on your trading style, you may concentrate on one pair or trade several.

  • 2. Analyze the market

    Before you start trading in the currency market you must consider the time of activity of the currency pair and its volatility. Volatility is the range of fluctuation of a currency pair during a given time. So, some currency pairs trade in a relatively narrow range, while for others, the range is wide.

  • 3. Read the quote

    Don't wait for the precise moment when the market is ready to invest - start now.

  • 4. Pick your position

    The choice of the position will be influenced by speculative motives since your decision will be based on the expectations that exist or that you perceive about the future evolution of the value of the position. So, you may opt for two different modes concerning the currency in which it begins to trade financially: either a short or a long position.

Ready to learn more about Forex?

No matter your skill level, we have videos and guides to help you take your trading to the next level.